Monday, July 5, 2010

Siew Mai the dim sum

we stumbled into Ms Veg in d end..i always wanted to try the food here. i tot this was a Chinese restaurant. i was punkd!.. its juz another local commercialize cafe!. mostly noodles and the other normal stuff(rice, a bit of western). i was surprised with d beverage prices. they have novelties like the healthy juices n the ice blended which is not more than rm8..impressive for a tall glass.

ice cafe latte - rm5.60

as my dear friend amalina havent tried dim sum before. so we decided on the siew mai. oh come on. we must all try siew mai at least once..!! we are 1 Malaysia rite..!

this is only rm2.80

okay..the verdict..i've tried better siew mai else where...
but...okay latte and its cheap! haha.

place : Ms. Veg, East Coast Mall, Kuantan.


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