Saturday, October 16, 2010

Theobroma : Chocolate Lounge

i've been busy. sorry for not updating as frequent. but today I got inspired by chocolate. its been my burning desire to finally eat with my girlfriends, ana and icah at chocolate lounge, pavillion KL. we went there around 12pm something for the lunch set. For will get...either set olio, set chicken & rice or set shepherds pie. we got one of each so that we can taste em all.. hahaha..

 spaghetti seafood olio

roast chicken and rice

Shepperd's Pie

With each main course we get our very own chocolate frappe(ice blended chocolate). Trust me the chocolate frap alone should cost RM15++ because its like drinking melted chocolate! its very rich. very yummy. very sinful. 

To end it on a very sweet note, with the Shepperd's Pie set you will get 'Strawberry Sensation'. that is 3 chocolate dipped strawberry. one for me, one for ica and one for ana. 

Overall, i feel i have to run around the padang 3 rounds to shed off the sinful calories. for RM15.90++..i'll come again because of the chocolate. aaaaaaa~

Place : Chocolate Lounge, Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur.