Monday, August 30, 2010

Buffet Ramadhan at Riverside

For the first time, we went for our iftar Ramadhan, buffet style. It's fun going out in our little big group of 9 beautiful young ladies and start gorging on the fabulous food at Riverside, PWTC. Trust me people, for RM55++ per head, everything there is worth every penny.!! there are plenty of stalls serving a wide range of malaysian food and everything else.

roast beef.
roast duck.
yong tau fu.
laksa johor.
char kuey teow.
rendang & pulut kuning.
nasi kebuli.
cencalok, tempoyak,belacan.
ikan bakar.
cabonara pasta.
ayam kampung.
sup lidah lembu.
sup kambing. 
sup burung puyuh.
bubur kacang hijau durian.
bubur kacang merah.
bubur labu.
breadbutter puding.
chocolate mousse.
kuih lopes.
air batu campur.
mango mousse.
strawberry & chocolate fondue.
puding pandan.
cheese tart.
kuih nyonya.
rojak buah.
teh tarik.

so many food!!!! i did not list em all. so just imagine how satisfied and full we were!!  the experience was an unforgettable one. and not forgetting the Live kugiran playing lagu raya all night long! oh seperti dah raya.

place: Riverside, PWTC.