Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sour Cream and Chives

Always wanted cheese fries, chilli fries or anything with fries or fries with anything. Who does not love potatoes? 

Tadaaaaaaaa!..Wendy's suddenly had this on their menu. Sour cream and chives fries! What could be more delish than a combo of all my favourite things. Sour cream. Chives. Fries. RM 4.99. Worth every penny. Also with Wendy's chilli. Go try boleh tak?

Place : Wendy's, IOI Mall, Puchong. 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mama Mia : Cheesy

                  Mama wanted authentic Italian pizza at an Italian restaurant; better with a wood fire oven. After hours of browsing for 'Italian' joints we decided on Italiannese. I've heard and know about this place. Under the same roof as TGI Fridays. Reading through fellow foodies, there were mix reviews about this place. I was worried about the consistency because different branch serves better or not much of it. After contemplating on Gardens or Sunway, we drove to Italiannese Sunway Pyramid for weekend lunch.
                 The place is very italian with the chequered mats and the italian songs. As for starters, complimentary bread(italian baguette  i guess) served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Italian much!

             It has a very focus menu thus we ordered the quatro platter, margarita pizza and lasagna lavina. There were 4 of us but only 1 starter dish and 2 mains. That was a smart move because after eating those 3 dishes we were quite full. You wanna know why? Because the cheese rich goodness is something dude. 

                  Above is the quatro platter (donno whether the spelling is correct). Consist of risotto balls, fried calamaris, mozzarella balls and fried onions and zucchini serve with classic tomato sauce and cheese sauce.  The thinly slice onions and zucchini (argh timun) was splendid. I like that. The cheese sauce. DAMN cheesy!. You just cannot stop. Oh. Before this, i never really had deep fried cheese thus the mozzarella ball was my first time. It was explosion of cheesy goodness in your mouth. I can only take one of that. A second was hard to swallow because it was too cheesy.

The margarita pizza was a tad disappointing but cheese wise it was nice. I think they have really good mozzarella cheese. The most sinful dish was the lasagna. I tell you, it was so sinfully cheesy, i think i have to run 2 fields to burn that off.

The final bill for everything plus 2 smoothies and 1 bottomless ice lemon tea was RM 129++. If You ask me is it worth it? I tell you its kinda pricey but for a one off thing and really enjoyable italian feel, do visit Italiannese. The cheese is not going to dissappoint you.

Place : Italiannese, Sunway Pyramid, Selangor