Sunday, August 28, 2011

Forest by Bubba Sparks

We wanted to eat southern y'all Alabama american food so Bubba Gump Shrimp Co was picked as our iftar destination. There is a ramadan set offer; with every main course you get soup or salad and mini dessert of the day. Enough talking. People are hungry. 

Ordered my fav fish and chips then Alabama burger for hena and a starter platter which is this one up here. Generous amount of nachos, spinach cheese dip, buffalo hot wings, crusty fried prawn, garlic steam prawns and seafood balls. Its more than enough to feed 3 hungry stomach. Love the dip and the prawns. Delish. A warning, this platter is huge and eating prawns is very kenyang after 5 or 6 pieces unless you are some monster prawnster. 

I always feel that eating american food is a gastronomic challenge. The generous portion and the deep-frying here and there cheese cheese hulalala can make you go.."please enough..I am bloated", just after cleaning 1/4 of the plate. Banyak tak habis. But luckily we can have it packed to bring back home. I love that. Selepas kenyang gila, we forgot about the dessert. Nasib baik it was just a MINI dessert. Chocolate chip cookie sundae. 

The verdict?..Tony Roma is better. But for the prawns, it is to die for yummy. And don't forget to order the smoothies. The Alabama smoothie is like we died and went to heaven and back here again. Peanut butterly foodgasm.! 

Check out this link for contact info and menu from Bubba Shrimp.

Place : Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Sunway Pyramid, Selangor Malaysia. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fruity Booty

Semua orang nak makan Tutti Frutti. Never had one so Abang bought us one. The biggest cup. With all sorts of yogurt ice-cream goodness and entah apa-apa toppings. Then wallah, a cup of kaching. It cost RM 25++. I was blind sided. Really?? I prefer splurging on a tall glass of latte. I think that is cheaper than this. Word.

Fly to Soul

Abang always wanted to eat korean buffet and Seoul Garden was the answer. We went there for lunch just us siblings , Abang belanja. Hihi. Thus we went there with high hopes of getting utterly full.

Just saying, there was plenty of food to go crazy over. The marinated chicken and beef are in many varieties. From chili marinated chicken to the weirdo; coffee marinated chicken. Seafood? Okay lah. The mussels I like. Loads of vegies and noodles and a very interesting spread of korean sauces. MUST TRY each one of those. Some are nice and half are horrible. Daebak. 

By the time we gobbled almost every food item, it was time to turn on to the dessert bar. You can shave yourself some ice and have cendol or ABC buatan sendiri then eat some more ice-cream. Anyways we were practically at a limit thus for dessert we only eat sikit sahaja. 

The final bill for 3 person showing our student ID card was around RM76++. So its reasonable and very full-filling  Literally. Anyways sorry for not updating much. This foodventure happened weeks ago but got no time to update. Pretty sorry ah. Cheers!

Place : Seoul Garden Korean Steamboat Buffet, IOI Mall Puchong.