Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bistro is Just a Fancy name for a restaurant

Delifrance Bistro. We used to go there because last time the food was ok but then after some time it was bigger than our pockets could handle. So we went off it. But after a long long absent in our lives, we went there for lunch today.
Amazingly, i donno what happen but the prices went from expensive to reasonably cheap! We took the "Pasta & Sandwich Promotion". You get a starter of either a soup or salad, an entree(pasta or sandwich) and beverage of choice (carbonated drinks/peach or lemon tea).

I wanted coffee. By adding RM 3.00, i got my cup of latte. I had it with mushroom soup and pasta Forestiere.

I tried the Pasta Forestiere. Its actually spaggeti with a creamy wild mushroom sauce. "Forestiere" is actually a french word meaning forest. The sauce can be a mix of wild mushroom with poultry and fish. In my pasta forestiere, there was mushrooms, slices of chicken and chunks of fish. Although the portion is small, you will get full pretty quick because the sauce is so creamy. The pasta was nice indeed. 

Final verdict, i spend RM13.00++ for lunch today. They gave plenty of garlic bread. 2 sticks with the mushroom soup and a few more with the pasta. For that kind of money and kenyang and good latte, what can i say is..we will visit you again.

Place : Delifrance Bistro, Sg Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur.

The Old but new

Before going back to campus, i had lunch with the mama and brother at OldTown White Coffee. I very the suka the OldTown hazelnut white coffee. Creamy and just nice.

Many had their doubts about OldTown but for this branch, thankfully all the workers are Malaysian and superbly friendly. You feel at ease with the service and you don't have to talk weird because they are not foreign workers(yang tak faham bahasa). Haha. 
I'm a bit dissapointed with the food at OldTown. Looks on the menu can be very deceiving. The food is so-so only. But the beverages and toasts are great. Oh as i was not that hungry, i ate the french toast. There is something about eating it with kaya. Sedap.

Place : OldTown White Coffee Kopitiam Kinrara, Selangor.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Behold. Coffee Money.

IT has arrived. My coffee money!
I got 365 gift voucher worth of coffee delivered to me via FedEx. 
Imagine 365 cups of coffee to drink. And da best thing is...its free!
Thank You San Francisco Coffee! hee..

Friday, December 3, 2010

Sweet Tooth!

Mama ordered this. Refreshing Mango ABC at a new kopitiam joint near our house. This is after 1 hour of jogging. Mama said, "Replenish the energy lost".

*Laughs coz its mango. Nutrients! haha

I like my Coffee

"Yes. Coffee of the day please"
"Coffee of the day Miss? But its black."
"Yeah, I know......" (smiling)

To smell coffee is perfume to me. I've been passing by San Francisco Coffee Suria KLCC too often now. I really want to try the food there! I know the coffee is of my taste. People say its too bitter but that makes coffee, C.O.F.F.E.E..duhh..It shud be bitter.

I like My coffee with 2 packets of sugar and milk. ah..from black to creamy. I can take black but i prefer it creamy. Here in San Fran, they use PAL SWEET artificial sugar(halal. see the logo). I think others offers EQUAL.

I had problem deciding what should i eat because they offer a variety of sandwiches, pasta, pastry. One dish caught my eye behind the glass counter. Mushroom Chicken Cabiatta. (shittake, cheese, chicken salami snuggle between two pieces of perfectly toasted cabiatta bread).

People say the food there is nice and I hereby support that totally. The price is reasonable. The service is quick. And the staff are super friendly.

Now i understand why THAT San Francisco Coffee joint is always pack with people until its hard to find seats at peak hours.  Good food, Good Coffee, Good Service.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Super Supermarket - Mercato

I love the supermarket. I love grocery shopping. I enjoy looking at food either in packaging or fresh. I enjoy looking at variety of food and learn a lot through the labels. I feel like a kid in a candy store whenever i go to exclusive supermarket. When i say exclusive here means, they have stuff from UK, Australia, America, Arab country, Italy.  Products where our local Giant do not have. I feel like i traveled far and wide through food. No passport required. Just passion in appreciating food. To compare the way it is package, the price rate, the ingredients and etc is something i really enjoy doing. Frozen blueberries, various choices of Feta, Mozzarella balls, ravioli in the frozen aisle, Starbucks frap in a bottle, Poptarts, avocados, wholesome peaches, variety of pesto.....the list is endlessly wonderful.

Mercato at Pavillion.

I may sound weird but to have a grocery shopping date with love at Mercato would be a dream come true.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Theobroma : Chocolate Lounge

i've been busy. sorry for not updating as frequent. but today I got inspired by chocolate. its been my burning desire to finally eat with my girlfriends, ana and icah at chocolate lounge, pavillion KL. we went there around 12pm something for the lunch set. For will get...either set olio, set chicken & rice or set shepherds pie. we got one of each so that we can taste em all.. hahaha..

 spaghetti seafood olio

roast chicken and rice

Shepperd's Pie

With each main course we get our very own chocolate frappe(ice blended chocolate). Trust me the chocolate frap alone should cost RM15++ because its like drinking melted chocolate! its very rich. very yummy. very sinful. 

To end it on a very sweet note, with the Shepperd's Pie set you will get 'Strawberry Sensation'. that is 3 chocolate dipped strawberry. one for me, one for ica and one for ana. 

Overall, i feel i have to run around the padang 3 rounds to shed off the sinful calories. for RM15.90++..i'll come again because of the chocolate. aaaaaaa~

Place : Chocolate Lounge, Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Buffet Ramadhan at Riverside

For the first time, we went for our iftar Ramadhan, buffet style. It's fun going out in our little big group of 9 beautiful young ladies and start gorging on the fabulous food at Riverside, PWTC. Trust me people, for RM55++ per head, everything there is worth every penny.!! there are plenty of stalls serving a wide range of malaysian food and everything else.

roast beef.
roast duck.
yong tau fu.
laksa johor.
char kuey teow.
rendang & pulut kuning.
nasi kebuli.
cencalok, tempoyak,belacan.
ikan bakar.
cabonara pasta.
ayam kampung.
sup lidah lembu.
sup kambing. 
sup burung puyuh.
bubur kacang hijau durian.
bubur kacang merah.
bubur labu.
breadbutter puding.
chocolate mousse.
kuih lopes.
air batu campur.
mango mousse.
strawberry & chocolate fondue.
puding pandan.
cheese tart.
kuih nyonya.
rojak buah.
teh tarik.

so many food!!!! i did not list em all. so just imagine how satisfied and full we were!!  the experience was an unforgettable one. and not forgetting the Live kugiran playing lagu raya all night long! oh seperti dah raya.

place: Riverside, PWTC.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our Favorite Kopitiam.

We found this kopitiam last semester and fell in love with it...maybe the ambiance of the kopitiam, very welcoming and comforting and cozy..we came back everytime we hang-out in sg wang plaza..the talks we have there is outrageously fun..gossiping corner 101..we always sit at the same long table..and laugh our heads off on something..

Oh..we came here for the food as well..we call Pak Hailam Kopitiam our cheaper option of tempat makan sedap2(designer restaurant/cafe)..bcoz as students, we try living large with little money..and we do it well! i think..hahaha..

Wholemeal Pau - Rm 1.00

aha! the PAUs! are delicious, nutritious and cheap!..RM 3, u b full..then we ave the novelties of kopitiam joint, the char kuey teow..but this one is special because its Char Kuey Teow MEE..!

Char Kuey Teow Mee - Rm 6.90

oh..if you are super duper hungry..try the Fried me..kenyang sampai tak habes!

Fried Rice -Rm 6.90

a change in the kopitiam is only the glass wear for the cold beverage..they put it in a glass jar..i think its kinda kool...

Cham ice - Rm 3.10

okey....saya suka kopitiam ini...dengan mereka-mereka..

Place : Pak Hailam Kopitiam, Sg.Wang Plaza. KL.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lunch Oh. Bakso.

a place where im proud to be malaysian; Central Market. all the cool traditional ethnicity of Malaysia is proudly presented in CM..i went there with my groupies and yes! lunch! lets go!
what to have here is the BAKSO. meatballs galore...u can have em GIGANTIC balls or d normal average fit in the mouth meatballs. my friend got d normal balls..haha..

  bakso with normal size meatballs - RM 4.50

the Mee Sup Daging is also nice...daging is plenty!

Mee Sup Daging - Rm 5.00

nak soto?...yup..there is Soto with nasi impit..classic..

Soto Nasi Impit -Rm 4.50

me and cik ji wanted somthing we went to d thai section of the foodcourt..she got the thai green curry rice. i like dat...but opt for somthing waayyyy different..

Thai Green Curry Rice - Rm 5.90

i GOT the phad thai..its kinda like a char kuey-teow with a few ingredients to be mix before eating. there is togeh(bean sprout), sugar, chili flakes and nuts & a squeeze of lime juice to be mix with d kuey teow . its pretty weird combo..taste masam-masam manis...

Phad Thai - Rm 5.90

and i washed it all down with White Coffee..! pekat dan gelas!

Ice White Coffee - Rm 2.50


Place : Central Market, Kuala Lumpur

Monday, July 12, 2010

Do It Yourself: Vanilla Lavender Cupcakes

i wanted to do somthin special for dayah..for her belated birthday and for welcoming her n awina to our house!

yummy as ever....really adorable as well...for a (im not a baker) person..this is an A+.

place : my home.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Do It Yourself : Penne Bolognese

i decided to have penne pasta. bcoz spaghetti is boring me out.

this is Penne Pasta

bolognese in Italian or bolognaise in French.

Place : my home.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Do It Yourself : Vege Pita Sandwich

i made this for lunch today.

satisfying. healthy. Superb!

Place : my home.