Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lunch Oh. Bakso.

a place where im proud to be malaysian; Central Market. all the cool traditional ethnicity of Malaysia is proudly presented in CM..i went there with my groupies and yes! lunch! lets go!
what to have here is the BAKSO. meatballs galore...u can have em GIGANTIC balls or d normal average fit in the mouth meatballs. my friend got d normal balls..haha..

  bakso with normal size meatballs - RM 4.50

the Mee Sup Daging is also nice...daging is plenty!

Mee Sup Daging - Rm 5.00

nak soto?...yup..there is Soto with nasi impit..classic..

Soto Nasi Impit -Rm 4.50

me and cik ji wanted somthing we went to d thai section of the foodcourt..she got the thai green curry rice. i like dat...but opt for somthing waayyyy different..

Thai Green Curry Rice - Rm 5.90

i GOT the phad thai..its kinda like a char kuey-teow with a few ingredients to be mix before eating. there is togeh(bean sprout), sugar, chili flakes and nuts & a squeeze of lime juice to be mix with d kuey teow . its pretty weird combo..taste masam-masam manis...

Phad Thai - Rm 5.90

and i washed it all down with White Coffee..! pekat dan gelas!

Ice White Coffee - Rm 2.50


Place : Central Market, Kuala Lumpur


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