Friday, December 3, 2010

I like my Coffee

"Yes. Coffee of the day please"
"Coffee of the day Miss? But its black."
"Yeah, I know......" (smiling)

To smell coffee is perfume to me. I've been passing by San Francisco Coffee Suria KLCC too often now. I really want to try the food there! I know the coffee is of my taste. People say its too bitter but that makes coffee, C.O.F.F.E.E..duhh..It shud be bitter.

I like My coffee with 2 packets of sugar and milk. ah..from black to creamy. I can take black but i prefer it creamy. Here in San Fran, they use PAL SWEET artificial sugar(halal. see the logo). I think others offers EQUAL.

I had problem deciding what should i eat because they offer a variety of sandwiches, pasta, pastry. One dish caught my eye behind the glass counter. Mushroom Chicken Cabiatta. (shittake, cheese, chicken salami snuggle between two pieces of perfectly toasted cabiatta bread).

People say the food there is nice and I hereby support that totally. The price is reasonable. The service is quick. And the staff are super friendly.

Now i understand why THAT San Francisco Coffee joint is always pack with people until its hard to find seats at peak hours.  Good food, Good Coffee, Good Service.



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