Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sushi King : Wowee Happy Hour

Its been ages. Ages.! Since the last time I gobbled sushi. With a craving so strong, me and icah went sushi hunting at the best possible time (like what everybody suggested), during their happy hour. Hai sushi King.

And so yes, go ahead its 3 till 6 now. Every plate is at 20% off. I love anythin with tuna. So I go grab those. However its always the same kinda sushi on the conveyor belt, maki maki wasn't on the belt. And something a bit weird like with the octopus stuff wasn't on the belt. We must order out of the menu which will cost us (mad) in the service tax department. The fried stuff on the belt like the fried salmon skin and the egg balls all went soggy already BUT sebab we are super hungry and do not want to be super charged by the unbelievable service tax, we take from the belt. 

I donno about you but I love japanese food. And fortunately my friend are on the same boat. If any of you know where we can get HALAL sushi Japanese restaurant do inform me a.s.a.p.! Anyways sushi King is like McD for our japanese craving. Just hope that they can tone down the service tax and gov tax. Mind you, the service charges here will go some way. 

PS : Always felt weird and corny greeted by the workers by "sushimasennnn". Pronunciation is key people. haha

Place: Sushi King, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur


Anonymous said...

next time, kalau nak makan sushi king, pegi dekat klcc. lagi umphhh.

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